Data format

From now, supported dat format are SAC_ASCII, and SAC_BIN.

As SAC_ASCII, does not handle particular problems, and are very machine independant,

the SAC_BIN is dependant of the byte order of 2 famillies of processor.

They are mainly MOTOROLA and INTEL bite order; they are calles also big endian and little endian.

A function of swapping the byte order is avaible inside the code.

It is called or not depending of the value of the environment variable :

if you define like this


the data will be swapped: it supposes that you work on a PC with data coming from UNIX world.

If you work on UNIX with binary data coming from UNIX, do not define the BITE_ORDER variable,

or define it to :


In the same way, if you work on PC, with binary data coming from a PC, do not define the BITE_ORDER variable

or define it to NO_SWAP.

Very Important notice:

To open several files: the Shift and Control keys does not wrk in the file selection box (Menu -> Open File)

the only way I found, is to write wild char in the bottom box of selection file:

For example if you want the 3 componant files of the COCO station, write:


or if you want all the files of a directory beguining with 2001.318, and having the SAC suffix :


The maximum number of stations that can be selected is 2000.

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