The File menu

This menu is very evident and intuitive:



As mentionned in the data_format, SAC_ASCII, does not handle particular problems, and are quasi machine independant,

and take care with SAC_BIN format, because of the BITE_ORDER given and native with different processors:

basically there is the Motorola bite_order (UNIX and Mac world) also call big endian

and Intel little endian (PC world).

The SAVE AS SAC-ASCII menu create automatically a filename of the form:


The signal will be saved in its lattest state of zoom as is plotted in the window without the filters applied.

Note: each time you will click on Previous or Next Chan. buttons, the signal is read from the original file,

consequently, if you go forward and back in the channels, it will erase the process on the signal stored in memory.

To save a signal with a zoom : click on Save as sac_ascii menu, and then, you just have to select any file in the dialog box, and clicking on OK button, without typing the filename

(all what you will type, will go to trash).

Then, when the file is created, a box appears:

There will be as much boxes as files opened, (so, do not use this menu, if you have opened one hundred of files).

The menu Export to ASCII: write the current channle plotted in ascii, in the directory pointed by the LOG_DIR environment variable the unit is the same that the signal plotted (generally in µm/s).

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